Radio Club OK1KQJ Staňkov

History of Radio club OK1KQJ

The roots are in early 60th when several people created a group interested in simple radio designs and SW listening, with support from SVA Holysov (truck & bus factory). Some of members succeeded in getting own HAM license. In 1974 they got an own room and started rebuild of it; they up up first wire antennas. In 1975 the radio club received own license OK1KQJ. Since then the club become active on HF and VHF, antenna building and contesting. Good example is a 23m high vertical antenna built from juice cans above ground net consisting of 120 radials that performed very well on 80 mtrs.

In 1978 the nearby factory introduced new welding machines that created unacceptable level of interference. There were 2 possibilities: to terminate the activity at all or move the club to another location. After discussion with Airport Stankov (group of people having airplanes as a hobby) a decision was taken to build a new club building close to airport building - far enough from QRM sources. The project started in 1979 with ambitious target (for that time): 6 element monobander Yagies for 14, 21 and 28 MHz and 2 ele HB9CV for 7 MHz. The antennas were build first, the house followed. People living in that era can imagine how difficult was to purchase all the material (all antennas home made, no chance / money to get commercial antennas)... Despite many problems we succeeded and in 1981 opened new QTH. The first transmission was from temporary building. The success motivated the people to start building of our own house. The most difficult task was getting the material, the club members did all the work on their own. The house was finished in autumn 1981. Of course, there was still a lot to improve but it was not a problem for group of enthusiasts. They invested thousands of free time hours and not neglectable amount of money for the club... The club is active till these days, despite the fact that some members left us already (SK OK1BY, OK1IOP).

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